PRO450 4 roller pouch laminator

PRO450 4 roller pouch laminator


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HEATED ROLLERS, preheating 10 minutes when the machine is brand new, which improves to 6 minutes after about a week?s use.

Accurate: Integrated circuit constant temperature ? control, temperature adjustment is distinct*

Reliable: The reverse switch makes operation more secure.* Independent temperature control, two functions of laminating and cold-mounting.

SPECIFICATIONS Laminating Width: 450mmMax. All metal heavy duty construction

Document Thickness: 1mm Lamination

Recommended film thickness: Up to 250 micron

Power and ready light indicator Dual heating system

Warning Light: Yes Cooling system 2 x DC fans

Temperature Adjustable: 100-160 Overheat protection mode

Laminating Speed: 65cm/min Suitable for hot foiling and mounting

Power Supply: AC100V-250V Laminates both hot and cold

Power Capacity: 940W Anti-jam reverse mode

No of Rollers: 4 Silicon Rollers Bubble free photo lamination

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