Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laminator For Office

Do you own an office laminator? Then laminating documents is one of the most essential tasks you must do in your office. You have to laminate your official documents before printing them so that your documents will not get damaged. But before using your laminator, you must know how to use it properly. This article will provide you with some tips on laminator for office use.

  • Heat – This device is really useful in keeping important documents warm during cold days and nights. So it is a good choice if you work in small offices. It works by emitting hot air which seals the sheet when being laminated. To laminate the document fast and accurately, the unit must be set up to heat up automatically when something is placed on top of it. If it is difficult to start the device, then you can try to turn on the auto switch.
  • Heat Shrink – It is also a laminator feature that reduces the size of the laminator sheets when being laminated. In using this feature, the machine may take a longer time but it gives high-quality laminations. There is also some thermal laminator for business cards, which has a unique system on how to use it. The card is placed inside and the laminator is gradually shrunk down. After it is shrunk down fully, the heat source is activated and laminating starts immediately.
  • Heat Up – When working with laminator for the first time, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully. The device must have a warming plate that must be used for starting up the machine and for any other purposes related to heating. The heat-up plate for your laminator for office is important because it minimizes the risk of damaging the laminator. Using a hot-water-bottle for heating or placing it near a heater could damage the laminate.
  • Rotary Feed – This laminator for office uses the double-sided tape for laminating. This is a common nominator for office mistake that most people make because it tends to stick to a certain side of the laminator. To avoid doing this, you can adjust the laminator’s feed rate. Make sure that the feed rate is done properly for a better result.
  • Pouches – A laminator for small office should have some additional security features. However, these features are oftentimes neglected by most users. For instance, laminator with pouches is great additions because it will protect important documents during transit. Furthermore, laminator with pouches is a great help in protecting sensitive and expensive files.
    The various features offered by this laminator for office are very useful. However, there is still some laminator for office mistakes that do not meet the requirements. One of these mistakes is using two heat settings in a laminator for office. Two heat settings in a laminator for office may be convenient but they are also mistakes that do not save you money. Using two heat settings will cause the laminate to overheat which will eventually damage your documents. Another mistake that you must avoid is using a laminator with only one heat setting.
  • Use 3ML or 5ML heat settings – This heat setting will save you money and will also prevent the machine from overheat. Therefore, it is advisable to use 3ML or 5ML heat settings in laminator for office. Using a laminator with three heat settings will cause the machine to use more energy and thus will increase the operating cost. This is why it is important to choose laminator for an office that has only two heat settings. Laminator for office should only have two heat settings because the operating cost will increase when you run the machine at higher speeds.

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