Binding Covers Offer Many Customized Looks

One of the best ways to promote your company and to visually impress a prospective customer is with customized binding covers. These custom binding covers can be personalized in almost any way, adding your company information and logo, pocket windows to display part of your front page, punch holes, die-cuts, lamination, custom binding, single stitching, die-cuts, pocketing, verifiable numbered joints, and many more. A binding covers and combs cover allows you to make a great first impression on a prospective client. Your binding covers and combs not only make for an effective first impression but also leave a lasting impression for years to come.

  • Hard Cover Binding Covers: One of the most popular options available for binding covers is a custom, high quality, laminated hardcover binding machine. Laminated binding covers and hard binding machines offer a professional look and are durable enough to withstand frequent usage. Whether you’re looking for a striking cover page or a durable, high quality bound document, you’ll find a wide range of choices from which to choose. For added professional appeal, choose thermal binding covers over standard hardcovers for better binding results and increased durability.
  • Clear Front Cover: One of the most popular binding covers styles is the clear front cover, which provides a striking first impression. Available in a wide range of sizes and stock colours, clear front covers give the ultimate in visual impact. Choose a white, black, or clear gloss that matches your company’s logo or colour scheme. Depending on the size of your binding job, you may want to consider a front cover with different dimensions to accommodate your binding pages. Clear front covers are available in a wide range of sizes and stock colours to match your specific binding needs.
  • Poly Binding Covers: Popular among smaller companies and home office use, poly binding covers are perfect for all sizes of binders and binding projects. Available in several sizes and colours, polyvinyl binding covers are designed to meet the binding job needs of most professional business notebooks and binders. Easy to use, these specialty binding covers come pre-ordered in many standards, and pocket sizes to help you get the most out of your order. Additional sizes can also be purchased and special colours can be selected according to your individual preferences.
  • Document Covers & Binding Sets: Whether you need a standard document binding covers set to cover basic documents or you need to order custom colour document binding covers according to your document project, companies in Charlotte North Carolina offer a wide range of document binding covers and binding sets to meet your binding requirements. Popular sizes include letter, legal, tri-fold, A4, and brochure. Most document binding covers add extra durability to the pages because they are made of heavy vinyl coated stock with a thick paper backing. This adds strength to the document pages and increases their longevity.
binding covers
  • Clear Cover Sheets: Adding an attractive appearance to documents is simple when you choose clear binding covers. Available in many colours, these clear cover sheets can provide the necessary visual elements for binding your documents. Many companies utilize this style of binding covers to enhance the beauty of a project and increase its appeal to clients and others. Clear bound documents are easily noticeable and provide the necessary visual elements for binding your documents in a visually appealing way.
  • White Cover Sheets: Although not originally designed for binding covers, white cover sheets are popular and available in a variety of binding sizes and styles. Ideal for use with simple white documents, these sheets provide a smooth surface for binding several documents. Originally designed to be used with medical reports and lab results, these convenient binding covers come in many sizes and binding styles to fit many binding needs. Because they are commonly used for easy reading, you may want to consider white binding covers when you are binding documents containing texts that are printed in black and white. These convenient white pages are also ideal for use with photographs and images that you want to be easily readable.

Features Of A Good Paper Guillotine

A paper guillotine also called a paper cutter or simply guilt is a practical tool usually found in schools and offices, designed to quickly cut large amounts of paper sheets to issue a document with a clean straight line. These tools are used by most people today, especially the office workers. If you are looking for a paper cutter to purchase at home, you may find it more convenient to choose a heavy-duty model since they are less complex and can be easily used by an average person. You should also consider the kind of cutting surface that your paper cutter has. There are two types of cutting surfaces with these handy tools-the paper cutter’s paper surface and the guillotine’s metal surface.

  • Paper Clamp: A paper clamp is another name for a paper cutter’s paper clamp. This is the main unit of your paper cutter and serves several functions. The main purpose of the paper clamp is to hold the paper tightly against the hinged blade of the cutter. If you want a paper cutter with a paper clamp with an adjustable height, this could be a great addition for you.
  • Steel Quality: Most paper guillotine cutters are made from a combination of aluminium and steel. These materials are very durable and strong, which means that they could handle heavy-duty projects without showing any signs of wear. They are also very lightweight and compact. If you want a hinged blade that is made from lightweight aluminium, steel quality is probably a good choice for you.
  • Straight Line: The straight-line design of a paper cutter is pretty obvious. This type of cutter is one of the oldest types in paper cutting history. It has a straight edge on its front and a curved edge on its back (which allows it to catch paper at a high speed). This type of cutter is designed so that you can cut paper as neatly and easily as possible.
paper guillotine
  • Cylinder: A cylinder guillotine is another name for a paper guillotine cutter. A cylinder-like mechanism rotates around a stationary axis. When the paper is being cut by the guillotine cutter, a series of papers are stacked or piled up. This stack is then pushed down by the paper to the centre of the cylinder. The paper is pushed into the cylinder until the entire cylinder is covered by the paper. Cylinder paper cutters are also a popular choice among students because they are easy to use.
  • Straight Edge: A paper clamp is generally made up of a straight piece of metal. A metal blade and a paper clamp are attached to the same piece of metal. When a paper clamp is attached to the guillotine paper cutter, the blade and paper come into contact with each other and the edges of the blade start to push against each other until they form a clean, smooth edge. This type of cutter usually has a paper clamp on both sides of the blade to prevent any paper from getting caught inside the metal blades.
  • Diagonal: A diagonal cutter is the opposite of a straight edge cutter. When a diagonal cutter is used, the paper clamp is placed on both sides of the blade and the paper is pushed down until the entire cylinder is covered by the paper. Usually, these types of guillotine paper cutters have a paper clamp on both sides of the blade to prevent the paper from being caught inside the metal blades. If you want a paper cutter that cuts your paper smoothly, you should get a guillotine that has a straight edge.
  • Combination cutter: A combination cutter is a combination of a guillotine paper cutter and scissors. When the paper is being cut, the paper clamp acts as a handle for the scissors. The paper goes across the blades, cutting it as it goes. If you want a paper cutter that cuts your paper as neatly as possible, a combination cutter is the best choice for you.