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In today’s economic scenario, every business is looking for cost-effective storage solutions for their products and inventory. One of the most effective ways of securing storage space for a business is through utilising automated solutions (AS), which come with features like forklift loading and retrieval, self-dumping containers, locking storage solutions, and many more. 

Storage Solutions

Among various warehouse storage solutions available, rackmount automated storage and retrieval (AS & RS) systems (operated via a forklift) offer the most cost-effective way to maximise space, improve picking productivity, optimise order fulfilment, and protect human health. Such rackmount solutions are ideal for warehousing and distribution centres, as well as offices. Here is a look at some of the solutions for small spaces offered by many manufacturers in the world.


Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, pallet storage solutions offer maximum use of space in the least possible time. Utilised to store different varieties of products, this solution optimizes vertical space in addition to horizontal storage. This solution comes with an extensive range of features including roll-off shelves, flexible floor plan, high-availability polypropylene, heavy-duty motors, and more. 

According to Rackmart Storage Solutions, these solutions are ideal for warehouses and other manufacturing hubs due to their exceptional strength and durability. They are manufactured with modern industrial weight capacity and modern forklift capacities, which allow them to be used for lifting and moving goods in and out of storage spaces. 

Some of the popular forklifts used for loading and unloading products include the Atlas forklift, Stihl Zipper Forklift, and the Komatsu Lifting Trucks. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from the various forklift solutions available in the market such as single, double, or tandem forklifts.


These storage solutions include shelving, which is commonly used in the retail, office, commercial, and industrial sector. Shelving comes in different forms, including wire shelving, storage cubes, shelf packs, and file storage. In addition to this, shelving is also used for material handling purposes. For instance, you can use it to store finished products, materials, and office stationery during handling.

Automated Storage Systems

One of the storage solutions used in large warehouses and manufacturing hubs is automated storage systems. These solutions enable storing of products in pallet racks, wire shelving, cabinets etc. This solution enables maximum productivity and flexibility while providing improved quality and safety standards. Some of the automated storage systems available in the market include Belt-drive pallet racks, screw-in pallet racks, and other automated solutions. In addition to these, automatic solutions for warehouse storage also include a wire closet storage system, a high-rise storage system, and conveyor systems.

Storage Solutions


Another warehouse equipment that can be installed is the racking systems. Racks come in different varieties, such as a corner, straight, curved, and high-rise racks. The racking systems are used to store all types of goods. Warehouse owners need to purchase storage solutions based on their specific needs.

Other Solutions

Other common solutions available in the market include industrial shelving, small, medium, and large commercial shelves. Industrial shelving is used for all types of storage needs, including plant storage, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and office supplies. Small, medium and large commercial shelves are suitable for small warehouses, storage spaces, and industrial shelving. These solutions are also used for non-food product storage.

Warehouse owners can select from a variety of systems based on the storage needs of the warehouse. However, warehouse owners should always install storage systems that offer the best value for their money. As storage solutions for the warehouse are continuously changing, warehouse owners should consider installing solutions that offer flexibility to upgrade to meet the needs of the business.

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