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The regular shredding of documents is an important part of everyday office practice, protecting your data and preserving your privacy. But we've all heard about - or possibly experienced - the frustration of shredders that promise more than they deliver. Many shredders either can't handle the volume of continuous shredding their makers claim for them, or can only do so at the cost of obtrusively noisy operation that disrupts the rest of your office's operation. And then there's the real bugbear of shredders - jamming. So how do you meet your shredding needs quickly, without deafening the whole of your office or spending half your life clearing jams? Simple - contact Perth's leading paper shredder suppliers, Office Binding Co.

At Office Binding Co, we don't just sell equipment for binding documents - we carry comprehensive stocks of equipment that destroys the documents you no longer need, but which carry information you'd very much prefer to keep to yourselves. Our catalogue includes the major brands.

Stripcut Paper Shredders

The simplest and most cost effective means of shredding documents: stripcutting still offers adequate security for most requirements. We stock entry level personal shredders that can handle up to 10 sheets of A4 at a time. A 20 litre bin and whisper-quiet motor make them a great solution for the home or small office. But if you need greater capacity, or the ability to destroy credit cards, paper clips and CDs, we will have a machine for you, right up to really large shredders.

Crosscut Paper Shredders

For the ultimate in security, we have sophisticated shredders with photo cells to automatically start when paper is inserted and stop when the shredding is finished.

Crosscut paper shredders can handle paper clips, staples and other objects that would confound a lesser machine. The range of objects that can be handled depends on the specifications for each shredder.

Crosscut shred sizes vary according to specifications. The highest security specification is level 6 for Military and Government use.

Don't take chances with your waste documents - come and see Office Binding Co today.