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The documents your office produces are its calling cards - they say just as much about who you are and the standards you set for yourselves as the business cards your executives carry. Well-written, skilfully word-processed documents convey a sense of professional authority and dependability to those who read them. Too often, though, a well-prepared document is let down by the way it is bound. Do your documents justice with a document binding machine from Office Binding Co.

As our name implies, binding documents is a core capability of Office Binding Co. These days, offices have a choice of comb, spiral coil, wire and thermal binding machines, enabling them to suit their binding method to the style and size of document they are creating. We stock binding machines from Fellowes, Jastek, Prima and other brands. Each provides a range of options, so we can support any binding method you might choose. We supply binding wire, combs, spiral coil, thermal covers and stationery.

Fellowes Binders

Starting with the Starlet, Fellowes have comb and thermal binding machines for the occasional user, right up to the Galaxy for heavy duty office use.

Jastek Binders

Jastek make wire binders suitable for light to medium volumes of documents. They start with the manually powered Jastek Bindhub WR150 wire binder. This machine provides a 120 page capacity, and can be configured to bind a variety of paper formats. It will meet the needs of many small to medium sized enterprises, and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Jastek range continues, with electrically powered machines that bind using combs and coils with greater speed and capacity. The range includes the 2500Ce comb binding machine with its impressive 500 sheet binding capacity.

Prima Binders

A trusted name in binders, Prima make a range of machines that offer a host of useful features such as disengageable pins to bind different paper sizes, and adjustable margin control to create plastic comb-bound documents that are snug and neat.

Binding Wire and Combs

In addition to the binding machines on offer at Binding Equipment Co, we also offer binding wire from 5mm to 38mm and binding combs from 6mm to 50mm to fit A4 paper and A5 paper. Our binding wire comes in black, blue, green, red silver and white. Combs are in black, blue, clear, green, red and white.