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When buying equipment for your office or design studio, protecting your staff from injury is a major concern. A machine capable of cleanly cutting several sheets of paper at once has the potential to do serious damage to human fingers and hands! At Office Binding Co. we have chosen only the safest paper guillotine designs, with effective blade guards. Our guillotines are capable of doing the heavy lifting your business requires.

Office Binding Co carries guillotines to suit every office size - and every paper size! In fact, the range starts with handy 350mm machines suitable for home, student or small office use.

Dahle Guillotines and Trimmers

German manufacturer Dahle is a trusted name in the guillotining and trimming of sheet paper. Using premium quality materials and the highest standards of manufacturer and design, Dahle's range includes lightweight, portable trimming machines suitable for home or small office, and extends up to Premium paper guillotines capable of cutting up to 40 sheets of 80 gsm paper simultaneously,  and lengths up to 1100mm. The Dahle range also includes heavy duty cutters capable of cutting up to 800 sheets of 80 gsm paper and lengths up to 475mm Dahle sets great store by the safety of its machines, building in protection such as fall-proof blades and blade guards.

Ideal Paper Guillotines

German manufacturer, Ideal proudly bears its ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems, and perform all stages of the manufacturing process in house. They make a complete range of guillotines, including ultra-compact and portable guillotines. The range includes the Ideal 1134, which can handle up to 25 sheets of 80gsm paper, and the table-mounted Ideal 1110, which is able to cut lengths up to 1110mm, and is perfect for graphic studios, workshops, decorators and schools.

Take a moment to browse the Office Binding Co range of trimmers, cutters & paper guillotines online - you're sure to find one perfect for your studio or business.

We also stock other brands of guillotines, trimmers and cutters.